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Oromalia - Salvatore Barberi
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Bewitched by the mysterious charm of gold, attentive and sensitive to the tastes of women, Salvatore Barberi, a unique artistic goldsmith, still looses all notion of time whilst totally immersed in his creativity. He seems to be under an enchanted spell, an irresistible charm cast by the precious metal. His passion gives birth to Oromalia, a dynamic company bearing his signature. On the market since 1993, the Oromalia collections express his passion and magnetic attraction for this fantastic metal which has for centuries enchanted with its intense and magic light . Jewellery of unpretentious, elegant and refined taste, which combine classical style with contemporary design. Attention to detail and finishing is evidence of the expertise of all master goldsmiths who, guided by Salvatore Barberi, create each single precious Oromalia product by hand. Jewellery of florid but simple forms, however never banal, personalising and exclusive; jewels dedicated to women of character, who are dynamic, active and who know what they want, women who will wear with ease, confidence and above all, with pleasure. Oromalia: a mixture of passion, creativity and technical skill which its founder has transmitted to the staff and communicated to the public who show they are under the same spell. Oromalia is a true family company: while Salvatore works at the bench and oversees the other master goldsmiths, his daughter Sandra takes care of customer service and other administrative functions. Sandra also travels to trade fairs around the world to showcase the brand’s products. Both the workshop and the offices are in Florence and everything is designed and produced internally. Created with a mixture of passion, creativity, and technical skill, the fine jewellery of Oromalia is endowed with a definite Florentine enchantment.






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